Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 805 G-AAAA X5038 Capt G de Havilland >IH McClure >Air Hire Ltd/Heston >FJ Bush /Hatfield >Brooklands FC >Yorkshire AC 30.07.28 Impressed 6.2.40 Used as decoy
G-AAAB Supermarine Solent 1244 99 Danish Navy G-AAAB Hon. AE Guiness/Southampton (OS Baker) 07.08.28 Wfu 17.7.31 scrapped .34
G-AAAC DH.60X Moth 694 G-AAAC DG587 JH Thompson >CL Ward /Reading>Phillips & Powis >Norfolk & Norwich AC >Air Travel Ltd/Penshurst >Airports Ltd /Gatwick >Redhill FC 10.08.28 Crashed Mousehold Aerodrome 18.8.32 Impressed 25.1.41
G-AAAD DH.60X Moth 695 G-AAAD GA Worth /Fleet>RKLS Mainwaring/Brooklands >GL Young >Herts & Essex AC 15.08.28 Wfu 2.34
G-AAAE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 826 G-AAAE NC9707 RF Scarlett/Stag Lane 31.08.28 Wfu 9.29 sold USA
G-AAAF Avro 504K   G-AAAF Cornwall Aviation Co /St Austell >Surrey Flying Services Ltd /Croydon >HVK Atkinson/ Chilworth >Flying Hire Ltd/Chilworth 00.08.28 Wfu 1.36 Burnt Gatwick .39
G-AAAG DH.60X Moth 697 G-AAAG de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd > JR King /Brooklands >Inland Flying Services Ltd /Shanklin 22.08.28 Crashed off Spithead 7.11.34
G-AAAH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 804 G-AAAH Air Taxis Ltd >Amy Johnson 'Jason' 30.08.28 Wfu 12.30 to Science Museum
G-AAAI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 817 G-AAAI SU-ABK GAR Malcolm /Stag Lane 30.08.28 Sold Egypt 8.33
G-AAAJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 803 G-AAAJ ZS-ABN Lt Cdr G Kidston >Capt M Campbell 'Blue Bird' 31.08.28 Sold South Africa .29 Crashed Steynsburg 6.10.31
G-AAAK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 807 G-AAAK Capt E Hayes >unknown >de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 31.08.28 Sold abroad 1.30


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 809 G-AAAL Miss WE Spooner >Malcolm Campbell Ltd >HW Noble /Heston>BF Hall/Heston >Wiltshire School of Flying >Isle of Wight FC 31.08.28 Crashed on takeoff Lea 21.8.39 (c/n 309 in ICAN)
G-AAAM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 814 G-AAAM NC9704 Maj GC Maxwell/Stag Lane 31.08.28 Sold Moth Aircraft Corp USA 10.28 Crashed Florida .29
G-AAAN DH.61 Giant Moth 331 G-AAAN VH-UQJ (Daily Mail) Associated Newspapers Ltd /Edgeware >National FS/Hanworth 31.08.28 Sold Australia 1.32 Scrapped 19.9.36
G-AAAO DH.60G Gipsy Moth 808 G-AAAO X5019 Capt JMS Wardell >The Duchess of Bedford >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd/Woodley >Herts & Essex AC 31.08.28 Impressed 1.11.39 Used as decoy
G-AAAP Avro 594 Avian IIIA R3/CN/169 G-AAAP NX6663 AV Roe & Co Ltd/Hamble 23.08.28 Sold USA 9.28
G-AAAR DH.60M Moth 339 G-AAAR G-CAVX de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 30.08.28 Sold Canada 11.28 Crashed landing Wolfe Island 4.4.37
G-AAAS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 810 G-AAAS Hon AE Guiness (OS Baker) /Rochester>Hon Brian Lewis >DIN Kennard/Heston >H Peake /Bewtry Hall>JJ Archer (Earl Amherst) /Shoreham >Airwork Ltd/Heston 31.08.28 Sold abroad 2.37


Kings Cup 1929

Avro 594 Avian IV 172 G-AAAT ADC Aircraft Ltd>Lt G Rodd /Hanworth >Henlys (1928) Ltd/Heston >WP Cubitt /Norwich>Malcolm & Farquharson/Heston 30.08.28 Scrapped Heston 9.36
G-AAAU Avro 594 Avian IIIA 177 (G-AAAU) AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 29.08.28 Ntu - Canc 19.12.28
G-AAAV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 815 G-AAAV BK826 RP Cooper /Edgeware>VH Doree /Stag Lane >R Morris /Brooklands >Eastbourne FC >British Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd/Hanworth >Strathtay AC 30.08.28 Impressed 31.8.40 Scrapped St. Athan .41 SOC 1.4.42
G-AAAW Blackburn Velos 1440/1 G-AAAW North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough >IR Parker/ Hooton >Sqdn Ldr AH Wheeler/Old Warden 30.08.28 Broken up Old Warden .35
G-AAAX Blackburn Velos 1440/2 G-AAAX North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough 30.08.28 Wfu 10.5.33 scrapped Leeds
G-AAAY Blackburn Velos 1440/3 G-AAAY North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough 30.08.28 Scrapped Bentley Yorks .33
G-AAAZ Blackburn Velos 1440/4 G-AAAZ North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd/Brough 30.08.28 Scrapped .32
G-AABA DH.60X Moth 700 G-AABA Nottingham Aero Club Ltd 06.09.28 Crashed into North Sea 8.3.29
G-AABB Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/1 G-AABB ZK-AAQ Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd/Brough 00.09.28 Sold New Zealand 14.8.29
G-AABC Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/2 G-AABC Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd/Brough 00.09.28 Sold Spain 14.8.29
G-AABD Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/3 G-AABD Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd >Yorkshire AC/Sherburn >T Martin /Hull>CE Dooks/Bridlington 00.09.28 Written off 26.10.30
G-AABE Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/4 G-AABE Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd >Suffolk & Eastern Counties AC >H Nevard /Ipswich >N Wiltshire /Rochford >LC Evans /Rochford >Southend on Sea Flying Services Ltd >Aircraft and Autos Ltd/Gravesend >GH Charlton/ Chilworth 00.09.28 Written off Lichfield 22.3.36
G-AABF Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III 1450/5 G-AABF Suffolk & Eastern Counties AC >HR Law /Croydon>Mrs G Gallien & Miss S O'Brien/ Hanworth 00.09.28 Crashed Hatfield 18.6.31
G-AABG Blackburn L.1B Bluebird III Seaplane 1450/6 G-AABG Suffolk & Eastern Counties AC 00.09.28 Not completed
G-AABH DH.60X Moth 699 G-AABH V4738 Cap GF Boyle/Edgeware >Lt Col GLP Henderson /Croydon >Midland AC >The Wiltshire School of Flying Ltd/High Post >Cotswold Aero Club 11.09.28 Impressed 16.2.40 SOC 1.1.41 scrapped Hullavington
G-AABI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 845 G-AABI DG658 2548M unknown >GH Ambler /Bradford >MD Scott /Skegness >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >V Jillard /Brooklands >EF Walter /Brooklands>unknown >Leamington Warwick & District AC 00.09.28 Impressed 26.2.41 SOC 28.6.45 scrapped Speke
G-AABJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 827 G-AABJ X5034 Sir PGJ Mostyn /Edgeware>Flt Lt RH Barlow /Brooklands >Brooklands School of Flying Ltd >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd/Woodley >Wiltshire School of Flying >Isle of Wight FC 14.09.28 Impressed 11.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped Witney .43
G-AABK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 811 G-AABK X5031 Sqdn Ldr The Hon FE Guest >R Farquar /Heston>Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd/ Heston >unknown >BF Hall/Heston >Airwork Ltd/ Barton >Cinema Press Ltd /Croydon>Norfolk & Norwich AC 14.09.28 Impressed 3.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped Shepperton .41
G-AABL DH.60X Moth 702 G-AABL London Aeroplane Club/Stag Lane 14.09.28 Crashed Kingsbury 15.10.30
G-AABM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 816 G-AABM de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 17.09.28 Sold Shanghai 19.12.28
G-AABN DH.60G Gipsy Moth 802 G-AABN Hon Lady M Bailey/Stag Lane >London Aeroplane Club 14.09.28 Crashed Stanmore 3.6.31


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 865 G-AABO Hon G Cunliffe /Edgeware>TH & QA Naylor /Hooton >TH Naylor /Hooton>FR Walker/Hooton Park 14.09.28 Wfu .36
G-AABP Cierva C.17 I   G-AABP Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 14.09.28

Broken up Hamble 12.31


G-AABR Avro 616 Avian IVM 178 G-AABR K-1 AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 14.09.28 Canc 9.30


Kings Cup 1930

Avro 616 Avian IVM 179 K-2 G-AABS K-2 AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 14.09.28 Canc 5.31
G-AABT Avro 616 Avian IVM 180 K-3 G-AABT K-3 AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 14.09.28 Canc 10.30
G-AABU Avro 594 Avian IIIA 181 (G-AABU) AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 14.09.28 ntu


Kings Cup 1930

Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV 1430/1 G-AABV Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd>Sdn Ldr LH Slatter /Brough>Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd >Dr CS Glass/Brough >TE Richardson/Hedon 14.09.28 Crashed Hedon Hull 6.3.34
G-AABW Avro 548 G516 G-AABW Surrey Flying Services Ltd/Croydon 17.09.28 Crashed Welling Kent 19.9.29
G-AABX Avro 594 Avian IV 183 G-AABX 2080M PT Eckersley /Woodford>Light Planes (Lancashire)Ltd/Woodford >HV Armstrong/Hooton 25.09.28 Impressed 17.2.40 scrapped Morecambe 5.44


MacRobertson Air Race 1934 (Davies and Hill)

Fairey IIIF F1129 G-AABY VH-UTT The Fairey Aviation Co Ltd >Arnhold & Co Ltd/North Weald 25.09.28

Sold Australia 4.35


G-AABY Fairey IIIF 2

G-AABZ Avro 594 Avian IIIA 173 G-AABZ VR-TAG Director of Surveys/Dar-es-Salaam Tanganyika 25.09.28 Sold Tanganyika 6.32
G-AACA Avro 504K   G-AACA LJ May /Brooklands>Brooklands School of Flying Ltd>FJV Holmes/ Brooklands 28.09.28 Wfu 26.6.33
G-AACB Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV 1730/1 G-AACB (N-40) Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd/Brough 11.10.28 Sold Norway 10.29 ntu


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

Kings Cup 1932

Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV 1730/2 G-AACC Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd >Auto Auctions Ltd>R McAlpine >North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd >G Kenning >York County Aviation Club >RJ Pattison /Yeadon >F Evans/ Sherburn >RAG Kent & PH Ford /Hooton 11.10.28 Dbf Hooton 8.7.40
G-AACD DH.60M Moth 340 G-AACD de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Ms IAB Sewell /Gatwick >Gravesend Aviation Ltd >Airsales & Service Ltd/Bekesbourne >Cambridge Aero Club Ltd 16.10.28 Crashed Cambridge 24.6.37
G-AACE Avro 594 Avian IV 236 G-AACE 2082M AV Roe & Co Ltd >Royal Aircraft Establishment Aero Club/ Farnborough 22.10.28 Impressed 4.1.40
G-AACF Avro 594 Avian IV 237 G-AACF AV Roe & Co Ltd >Northern AL (Mcr) Ltd/Barton >National FS/Hanworth >Guernsey AC>HJ le Parmentier /Guernsey 22.10.28 Seized by Germans in Guernsey 3.41
G-AACG Avro 504K F8811 F8811 G-AACG LJ Anderson/Epping 19.10.28 Wfu 1.32
G-AACH Armstrong Whitworth Argosy II AW362 G-AACH Imperial AW 'City of Edinburgh' 24.10.28

Crashed Croydon 22.4.31

G-AACH AW Argosy (City of Edinburgh) at Croydon

G-AACI Armstrong Whitworth Argosy II AW363 G-AACI Imperial AW 'City of Liverpool' 24.10.28

Crashed Dixmunde Belgium 28.3.33

G-AACI or J AW Argosy at Croydon

G-AACJ AW Argosy II AW364 G-AACJ Imperial AW 'City of Manchester'>United AW Ltd /Blackpool >British AW Ltd/Southampton 24.10.28 Canc 12.36
G-AACK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 831 G-AACK M-CDAA EC-DAA de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 27.10.28 Sold Spain 12.12.28


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 887 G-AACL AS Butler/Stag Lane >GD Mallinson/Sherburn 00.10.28 Lost over English Channel 1.3.31
G-AACM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 991 G-AACM SP-ACT G-AACM de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd> Surencha Chandulal Mehta/Stag Lane 00.10.28 Sold Poland 1.29 restored 12.7.32 Crashed South Farnborough 7.3.33 (or nr Maidstone 3.5.33)
G-AACN Handley Page HP.39 Gugnunc 1 G-AACN K1908 Handley Page Ltd 02.11.28 To RAF 11.30 Preserved


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 874 G-AACO JWP Chalmers/Stag Lane>Surrey Flying Services? >WF Rickard /Reading >Scarborough AC 02.11.28 Crashed nr Malton 24.6.34
G-AACP Airco DH.9 H9248 H9248 G-AACP ADC Aircraft Ltd>Capt AAH Charles /Waltham Abbey>British Air Transport Ltd> British Dominion Film Corporation Ltd /Hanworth>Sir A J Cobham -National Aviation Day Ltd>CB Field /Kingswood Knoll>Aerial Sites Ltd/Hanworth 00.11.28 Broken up Hanworth .38
G-AACR Airco DH.9 H9324 H9324 G-AACR ADC Aircraft Ltd>Sir AJ Cobham - National Aviation Day Ltd/Stag Lane 00.11.28 Wfu 21.6.33 Canc 9.33
G-AACS Airco DH.9 H9327 H9327 G-AACS G-AADU ADC Aircraft Ltd 07.11.28 rebuilt as G-AADU
G-AACT Avro 504R Gosport R3/CN/238 G-AACT AV Roe & Co Ltd/Newton Heath 09.11.28 Written off 1.30
G-AACU DH.60M Moth 342 G-AACU AV995 de Havilland Aircraft Ltd (de Havilland School of Flying) >Marshalls Automobile Engineers/Cambridge >Cambridge AC Ltd>University AC Ltd>Cambridge AC Ltd 14.11.28 Impressed 9.6.40 Scrapped St.Athan 30.10.40


Kings Cup 1930

Avro 616 Avian IVM 239 G-AACV J9783 G-AACV AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford >Airwork Ltd/Heston >JK Mathew /Heston>P Randolph /Farnborough >Treasury Recovery Ltd/Hamble 14.11.28 Restored .30 Sold abroad 12.34
G-AACW Avro 504K   G-AACW Dominion Aircraft Ltd >Southern Aircraft Ltd /Shoreham>Home Counties Aircraft Service Ltd/Gatwick 19.11.28 Spun and crashed Gatwick 25.01.31
G-AACX Avro 504K   G-AACX Dominion Aircraft Ltd /Shoreham 19.11.28 Written off 4.29
G-AACY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 841 G-AACY AV991 Airwork Ltd >The Hampshire Aeroplane Club Ltd/Eastleigh >F Wallis/Southampton 21.11.28

Impressed 27.5.40 SOC 9.5.43 scrapped Stormy Down 5.43


G-AACZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1021 G-AACZ RN Thompson /Cramlington>L Cuthbert /Hatfield >RW Reeve /Hatfield >DA Rea/Hatfield >Malling Aviation Ltd 28.11.28 Wfu 12.7.39


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1019 G-AADA JD Irving /Cramlington>WD Caldwell /Cramlington >The Scottish Motor Traction Co Ltd >Hon L Russell /Heston>Brooklands Aviation Ltd 28.11.28 Crashed Walberton 17.2.36
G-AADB DH.60X Moth 372 BuA7564 G-AADB Midland AC >Yapton AC /Ford 30.11.28 Crashed nr Eastleigh 29.6.37


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 917 G-AADC Capt WR Bailey /Edgeware >HCGH Stisted/Woodley 29.11.28 Written off 14.4.30
G-AADD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1017 G-AADD CF-ANY RWR Trafford 'Topsy II' /Abergavenny> RC Quilter/Stag Lane 06.11.28 Sold Canada 7.30 Overturned Blue Sea Lake nr Maniwaki 5.8.37


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

Westland Widgeon III WA1778 G-AADE CS Napier/Yeovil 03.12.28 Written off 7.9.32
G-AADF Avro 594 Avian IV 204 G-AADF 2074M The Southern Aero Club /Shoreham >SG Stevens /Shoreham >HLA Powell/Pitsea >FW Green/Cambridge 14.12.28 Impressed 28.2.40
G-AADG Monocoupe 70 154 C6751 G-AADG HE Hamer >RWH Knight >IO'B MacGregor /Old Sarum >AO Humble-Smith/ Romford 06.12.28 Stored during WWII scrapped Gatwick .47
G-AADH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 889 G-AADH X5028 Capt CS Burt /Edgeware>Norfolk & Norwich AC 17.12.28 Impressed 3.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped Shepperton .41
G-AADI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 970 G-AADI de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd (de Havilland School of Flying) >Yorkshire Air Services Ltd/Newton House Aerodrome 00.12.28 Crashed Middlesborough 10.2.35
G-AADJ DH.60X Moth Seaplane 920 G-AADJ VR-SAH rebuilt as VR-SAQ VH-ADD A7-111 Singapore Flying Club/Singapore 19.12.28 Seaplane. Sold Singapore 9.34 Crashed Singapore Harbour 25.10.38
G-AADK DH.60X Moth Seaplane 921 G-AADK VR-SAG Malayan VAF Singapore Flying Club/Singapore 19.12.28 Seaplane. Sold Singapore 9.34 Destroyed 2.42
G-AADL Avro 594 Avian IV 182 G-AADL JD Siddeley /Coventry >Northern AL (Mcr) Ltd /Wythenshawe >National FS/Hanworth >London Air Park FC >WL Lewis /Hanworth >Aylesbury Airport Ltd/ Chilworth >WL Lewis /Hanworth >Premier Aircraft Constructions Ltd/Maylands 20.12.28 Wfu 10.8.38
G-AADM Avro 618 Ten 241 G-AADM VH-UMF AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 17.12.28 Sold Australia 7.8.29
G-AADN Short S.8 Calcutta S.748 G-AADN Imperial AW 'City of Rome' /Southampton 17.12.28 Force landed in sea off Spezia 26.10.29
G-AADO Gloster AS.31 Survey 1 G-AADO SAAF250 The Aircraft Operating Co Ltd/Edgware 31.12.28

Sold South Africa 3.33

G-AADO Gloster Survey of Aircraft Operating Co

G-AADP DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1022 G-AADP BE Lewis /Edgeware>Household Brigade FC /Heston >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd >The Commercial Airways Ltd/Abridge >East Anglian Aero Club (1934) Ltd/Abridge 21.01.29

Crashed nr Abridge Essex 9.9.34

G-AADP DH Moth (2)

G-AADR           Not allotted
G-AADS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1028 G-AADS ZS-ABF VP-YAJ ZS-AFE SAAF1436 Malcolm Campbell Ltd/Stag Lane 21.01.29 Sold South Africa 4.29
G-AADT Avro 548 F8767 F8767 G-AADT Brooklands School of Flying Ltd>E Willox/ Brooklands 00.01.29 Canc 12.31
G-AADU Airco DH.9 H9327 H9327 (G-AACS) G-AADU Surrey Flying Services >CEB Winch/Halton >CB Field/Kingswood Knoll >Aerial Sites Ltd /Hanworth 00.01.29 Scrapped during war
G-AADV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 998 G-AADV J Scott-Taggart/Stag Lane 21.01.29 Ditched off Felixstowe 24.12.29
G-AADW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 988 G-AADW WG Robson /Edgeware>JH Ford/ Stag Lane 21.01.29 Sold China 3.31


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1002 G-AADX ACM Jackaman/Slough 21.01.29

Crashed Dagenham Marshes 2.2.31

G-AADX DH Moth Maurice Jackaman

G-AADY Avro 504K R3/61370 J8373 G-AADY Lt Col GLP Henderson >W Cornell /Brooklands>unknown >EN Watt/ Ford 00.01.29 Wfu 12.31
G-AADZ Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5105 PH-ADP G-AADZ VLB Ltd 'Maryland Free State' 01.02.29 Written off Dum Dum India 10.6.29
G-AADZ Fokker F.VIIb-3m 5195 PH-AGP G-AADZ(2) CH-165 HB-LAN I-UEBI VLB Ltd 'Maryland Free State' 00.01.30 Sold Switzerland 2.31
G-AAEA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1030 G-AAEA EI-AAR Mrs AS Cleaver /Edgeware>Hon Mrs E Montague /Hendon>AK Fitton/Sherburn-in-Elmet >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd/Woodley 04.02.29 Sold Ireland 5.3 Crashed nr Saintfield 21.12.34
G-AAEB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1003 G-AAEB Airwork Ltd /Cranford >Marquis of Douglas & Clydesdale >K Templeton/Crookfur 00.02.29 Sold abroad 10.32
G-AAEC Avro 594 Avian IV 223 G-AAEC 2076M Light Planes (Lancs) Ltd >W Greenhalgh & WC Dickinson/Speke 00.02.29 Impressed 20.12.39
G-AAED Avro 504K   G-AAED J Sale & A Barnett/Shoreham 28.01.29 Crashed Stag Lane 4.7.29


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 981 G-AAEE Hon Lady M Bailey/Stag Lane >AC Lovesay - Rolls Royce/ Tollerton >AR Senior/ Netherthorpe 00.02.29

Wfu 25.1.41 to Sheffield ATC scrapped .45

G-AAEE DH Moth Lady Bailey

Lady Bailey


Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1059 G-AAEF AB Ferguson /Edgeware>TW Shipside /Nottingham >Lord MA Douglas-Hamilton - Air Service Training Ltd/Hamble 04.02.29 Sold abroad 2.37
G-AAEG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1027 G-AAEG D-1599 D-EUPI G-AAEG de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 04.02.29 Sold Germany 4.4.29 restored 18.10.94
G-AAEH DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1083 G-AAEH X5025 2997M AGG Marshall/Fen Ditton >The Cambridge Aero Club Ltd 04.02.29 Impressed 3.11.39 to 1372Sqdn ATC Elstree
G-AAEI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 993 G-AAEI DH Corsilles/Stag Lane 04.02.29 Crashed nr Stag Lane 1.11.30
G-AAEJ Armstrong Whitworth Argosy II AW400 G-AAEJ Sir WG Armstrong-Whitworth Aircraft Ltd >Imperial AW 'City of Coventry' 00.02.29 Broken up Croydon .35
G-AAEK Ryan B-1 Brougham 167 USA7719 G-AAEK unknown >W Adamson/Letchworth 00.02.29 Broken up 10.33


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 994 G-AAEL Flt Lt FO Soden /Wittering>Rt Hon FE Guest /Hanworth>Flt Lt DV Carnegie /Wittering >Doncaster Aviation Co Ltd/ Armthorpe >R Lemon/Armthorpe 00.02.29 Crashed Doncaster 1.8.32
G-AAEM Avro 504K   G-AAEM Brooklands School of Flying Ltd >Popular Flights Ltd/Cowes 00.02.29 Wfu 12.31
G-AAEN DH.60G Gipsy Moth 990 G-AAEN Rev FA Simpson/Fen Ditton 27.02.29 Crashed Blandford 16.11.31
G-AAEO DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1079 G-AAEO VP-RAF? de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd (de Havilland School of Flying)/Stag Lane 26.02.29 Sold 7.36 [reported as VT-AJP but this was Leopard Moth]
G-AAEP DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1096 G-AAEP P-PABM PP-TAM de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >L Ingrams/Stag Lane 00.02.29 Sold Brasil 2.30
G-AAER DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1097 G-AAER D-1612 de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 26.02.29 Sold Germany 25.4.29 [possibly to D-EKIV but see c/n 1380]
G-AAES Avro 504K   G-AAES TJ Carslake/Hooton Park 21.02.29 Dbf Hooton .35
G-AAET DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1080 G-AAET AW126 Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd >LF & CE Horne /Heston>GRD Shaw/ Sywell >WM Grossley/Old Warden >ME King/Norwich >London Air Park FC/Hanworth >Bournemouth FC 21.02.29 Impressed 18.6.40 SOC 11.11.40 scrapped St.Athan .41
G-AAEU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 916 G-AAEU Miss OM Treymayne-Miles /Badminton>JL Masheter/ Blackpool >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd >RC Ramsay/Canterbury 21.02.29 Crashed Adisham 2.9.34
G-AAEV DH.61 Giant Moth 335 G-AAEV Alan Cobham Aviation Co 'Youth of Britain' >Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon 00.02.29 Crashed Broken Hill N.Rhodesia 19.1.30


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1043 G-AAEW DS Schreiber /Aldershot >CD Blackett/Lympne >Henlys Ltd/Heston >The Hampshire AC >Hampshire School of Flying 26.02.29 Impressed 2.6.40 Crashed nr Netheravon 11.41
G-AAEX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 997 G-AAEX X5021 London Aeroplane Club/Stag Lane >Herts & Essex AC/Broxbourne 00.03.29 Impressed 1.11.39 Used as decoy
G-AAEY Henderson-Glenny HSF.II Gadfly I 1 G-AAEY Lt Col GLP Henderson & AP Glenny >O Greig /Okehampton >CF Parker - Pirson & Evans Ltd/Wolverhampton >E Bradley /Wednesbury 00.03.29 Scrapped 6.34
G-AAEZ Avro 504K   G-AAEZ Aeroplane Services Ltd/Croydon >HC Howard /Monkmoor>Northern Air Transport Ltd/Barton >LJ Rimmer & W Mackay/ Hooton Park 00.03.29 Wfu 12.34


Kings Cup 1930

DH.80A Puss Moth 2038 G-AAFA SE-AFH Flt Lt MH Findlay /Hanworth>JCW Fitzroy -Duke of Grafton/Euston Hall Thetford 00.03.29 Sold Sweden 10.36 Stored nr Stockholm
G-AAFB DH.60M Moth 1336 G-AAFB D-1600 de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 12.03.29 Sold Germany 4.4.29
G-AAFC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1037 G-AAFC F-ALHI Hon R Westenra /Haldon 25.03.29 Sold France 3.31
G-AAFD Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1782 G-AAFD Anglo American Oil Co Ltd/Heston >R Ince/Heston 00.03.29 Ditched into English Channel 6.6.33
G-AAFE Avro 504K   G-AAFE unknown >Inland Flying Services Ltd/Maylands 00.03.29 Built from spares. Wfu and canc 11.12.30
G-AAFF DH.60M Moth 1338 G-AAFF YU-PDH TG Mapplebeck/Belgrade 15.03.29 Sold Yugoslavia 4.29
G-AAFG Bristol 110A 7348 G-AAFG R-4 Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton 12.03.29 Dbr Filton 2.31


Kings Cup 1930

Parnall Elf I 1 G-AAFH George Parnall & Co/Yate >AA Bathurst - Lord Apsley 00.03.29 Dbr nr Rickmansworth 20.3.34
G-AAFI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1095 G-AAFI DG579 4033M de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >FEN St.Barbe /Stag Lane>SP Jackson/Castle Bromwich >JE Bonniksen/Castle Bromwich >Leamington Warwick & District AC Ltd 00.03.29 Impressed 13.1.41
G-AAFJ Avro 504K J8375 J8375 G-AAFJ Lt Col GLP Henderson/Croydon >DW Aircraft Co /Brooklands >Mrs EN Watt/ Ford 00.03.29 Wfu 12.31 (ex J8875 in ICAN: not a 504K)


Kings Cup 1931

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1040 G-AAFK VT-AEZ Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd >G Linnell /Wellingborough>JR Micklethwait/Yeadon 00.03.29 Sold India 2.33
G-AAFL DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1005 G-AAFL Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd >TO Hill (or Mills)/Bournemouth 00.03.29 Ditched off Bournemouth 24.4.30 [11.39 ?]
G-AAFM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1006 G-AAFM Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd >Hon AE Guiness/Stag Lane 00.03.29 Destroyed in bombing Gatwick .40
G-AAFN Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1779 G-AAFN Westland Aircraft Works /Yeovil 20.03.29 Written off 1.30
G-AAFO DH.60G Gipsy Moth 989 G-AAFO X5053 WCG Black /Kingskettle>Flt Lt GRM Clifford/Manston >CEC Mercer/West Malling >Malling Aviation Ltd 21.03.29 Impressed 17.11.39 Used as decoy ans scrapped


Kings Cup 1929

Simmonds Spartan 11 G-AAFP Simmonds Aircraft Ltd/Weston 20.03.29 Dbr 3.30
G-AAFR Simmonds Spartan 12 G-AAFR unknown >Hampshire AC/Hamble 00.03.29 Crashed Bursledon 27.3.30
G-AAFS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1012 G-AAFS (DG589) 2569M de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Cinque Ports Flying Club Ltd/Lympne >Eastbourne FC 00.03.29 Impressed 18.2.41 to 53Sqn ATC Hackney
G-AAFT Avro 504K J8379 J8379 G-AAFT AB Forsyth /Romford>Inland Flying Services Ltd/Maylands 00.03.29 Crashed and Wfu 3.31
G-AAFU Klemm L25 I 129 G-AAFU Col AJ Richardson/Mousehold >R Brown/ Southend >Cunningham Car Trust Ltd/Maylands 23.03.29 Destroyed in hangar fire Maylands 6.2.40 Canc in census 1.12.46 (c/n 145 in ICAN)
G-AAFV Klemm L25 I 136 G-AAFV Maj EF Stephen/Croydon 26.03.29 Scrapped .31
G-AAFW DH.75A Hawk Moth 343 G-AAFW CF-CCA G-CYVD de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 11.04.29 Sold Canada 11.29 SOC 8.10.35
G-AAFX DH.75A Hawk Moth 348 G-AAFX VH-UNW de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 11.04.29 Sold Australia 12.30 Scrapped Alice Springs 30.5.51
G-AAFY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 999 G-AAFY ZS-AKV SAAF1491 TO Mills/ Edgeware >Scottish FC /Moorpark>The Hon Brian Lewis/Heston >Old Etonian FC/Heston 05.04.29 Sold South Africa 12.10.37
G-AAFZ Short S.7 Mussel S.750 M-1 G-AAFZ M-1 Short Brothers/Rochester 06.04.29 Scrapped 1.34


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1058 G-AAGA BK834 Lt Col AH Gaunt /Stag Lane>Aberdeen Flying School Ltd/Dyce >North British AC Ltd/Dyce 08.04.29 Impressed 3.9.40 Scrapped St.Athan .41 SOC 1.4.42
G-AAGB Avro 504K   G-AAGB Surrey Flying Services >Universal Airways/Telscombe Cliffs Sussex 17.04.29 Written off Telscombe 12.7.34
G-AAGC Koolhoven FK.41 4102 G-AAGC ZS-ADX SAAF1598 Desoutter Aircraft Co Ltd/Croydon 16.04.29 Sold South Africa .30
G-AAGD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1008 G-AAGD D-1628 de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 11.04.29 Sold Germany 5.29 Crashed nr Chemnitz 11.11.29
G-AAGE DH.60M Moth 1332 G-AAGE de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >J Scott-Taggart/Lympne >Lt Col TBG Gubbins /Brooklands>Phillips & Powis (Reading) Ltd/Woodley 00.04.29 Sold abroad 20.7.34
G-AAGF Bristol 89A Jupiter 7350 G-AAGF Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton 11.04.29 Written off 8.35
G-AAGG Avro 504K   G-AAGG Phillips & Powis (Reading) Ltd/Woodley >Rollason Aviation Co/Croydon >Scottish Eastern Aircraft Services Ltd /Earlston 00.04.29 Canc 12.35
G-AAGH Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1866 G-AAGH Westland Aircraft Works (Branch of Petters Ltd)/Yeovil 15.04.29 Crashed Merryfield 27.07.48
G-AAGI DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1010 G-AAGI ZS-ADW? SAAF1492? JRD Tata /Edgeware>Miss FM Wood /Heston>Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd/Heston >RF Roger/Heston >Brian Lewis /Heston >CW Bradney/Shoreham 16.04.29 Sold abroad 11.32
G-AAGJ Cierva C.17 II 5129 G-AAGJ G-ADEO 2075M Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 19.04.29 Converted to Avian II G-ADEO .35
G-AAGK Cierva C.19 I 5130 G-AAGK Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 19.04.29 Sold abroad 1.30
G-AAGL Cierva C.19 I 5131 G-AAGL Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 19.04.29 Dbr Haldon 21.9.29
G-AAGM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1009 G-AAGM A-63 CH-346 HB-OLA G-AAGM SB Cave/Vienna >Bedford School of Flying Ltd 22.04.29 Sold Austria 12.31 restored 7.1.39 Sold as parts 19.12.40


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

Simmonds Spartan 14 G-AAGN Simmonds Aircraft Ltd/Southampton 22.04.29 Crashed Leicester 6.9.30


Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

Simmonds Spartan 29 G-AAGO Simmonds Aircraft Ltd /Southampton>Flt Lt G Stainforth/Cowes >Miss P Gower/Penhurst >Babar Mirza/Reading 22.04.29 Wfu 4.8.33
G-AAGP Avro 594 Avian IV 304 G-AAGP M-CFAF EC-FAF AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 23.04.29 Sold Spain 1.30
G-AAGR Avro 594 Avian IV 232 G-AAGR 2071M E Cohen/Woodford >Air Travel Ltd/Gatwick >Airports Ltd /Gatwick>CSC Brudenell-Bruce (Earl of Cardigan) /Marlborough 23.04.29 Impressed 18.1.40
G-AAGS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1042 G-AAGS Malcolm Campbell (London) 1927 Ltd >SP Tyzack/Sywell 00.04.29 Hit man on beach and crashed Barmouth 30.8.33
G-AAGT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1052 G-AAGT Bentley Motors Ltd /Stag Lane (Marquis du Casa Maury) >AC Pollock /Sherburn>Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd >RC Ramsay /Bekesbourne>East Anglian Aero Club (1934) Ltd >WJ Lewington /Abridge >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >PPS Spratt/Brooklands 00.04.29 Wfu 27.3.37
G-AAGU Junkers F13 ge 2047 G-AAGU ZS-AEN Trost Bros Ltd/Croydon >Walcot Air Line Ltd /Croydon 00.04.29 Sold South Africa 12.32
G-AAGV Simmonds Spartan 27 G-AAGV G-ABXO Pleasure Flying Services Ltd/Cramlington >Cramlington Aircraft Ltd 00.04.29 Damaged 9.30 rebuilt as G-ABXO
G-AAGW Westland Wessex WA1867 G-AAGW unknown >Imperial AW Ltd/Croydon >Air Pilots Training Ltd/Hamble >Air Service Training Ltd 00.04.29 Wfu Watchfield 16.8.40
G-AAGX Handley Page HP.42E Eastern 42/1 G-AAGX Imperial AW Ltd/Cairo 'Hannibal' 30.04.29

Lost over Gulf of Oman 1.3.40

G-AAGX HP 42 'Hannibal'

G-AAGX HP 42 'Hannibal' at Karachi Dec 5 1934

Karachi 5 Dec 1934


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1931

Simmonds Spartan 15 G-AAGY Simmonds Aircraft Ltd >BS Thynne /Muntham Court >Spartan Aircraft Ltd >Fl Off J McKenna/Kenley >unknown >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>REL Beere /Redhill >Southern Motor & Aircraft Co >Eastern FC/Brentwood >RO Lindesay/Redhill 00.05.29 Scrapped Nutfield 8.47
G-AAGZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1007 G-AAGZ ZS-ABW VP-YAL ZS-AOL SAAF1497 RJ Boyd /Paris>GS Bouwer/Stag Lane 00.05.29 Sold South Africa 9.30


Kings Cup 1931

Simmonds Spartan 23 G-AAHA ZS-ADC C Coombes/Shanklin >Spartan Aircraft Co >Flt Lt F Gibbons/Heston >FG Miles/Shoreham 06.05.29 Sold South Africa 3.32


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60M Moth 1352 G-AAHB EM Tiarks/Stag Lane 10.05.29 Crashed Hambrook 23.9.29 Rebuilt as G-AASR c/n 1441
G-AAHC Armstrong Whitworth AW14 Starling AW277 J8027 G-AAHC Sir WG Armstrong-Whitworth Aircraft Ltd 10.05.29 Canc 12.30
G-AAHD Avro 594 Avian IV 318 G-AAHD SE-ADT AV Roe & Co Ltd >NA Brett /Mousehold >Henlys Ltd >HB Chantrey/Heston 17.05.29 Sold Sweden 8.33


Kings Cup 1931

Avro 594 Avian IV 319 G-AAHE AV Roe & Co Ltd >WP Cubitt /Norwich>ACP Johnstone/ Croydon >DIM Kennard /Hanworth>JL Bebb /Ford >LE Clark/Ford >Horton Kirby FC Ltd 00.05.29 Wfu 1.9.39 scrapped during WWII
G-AAHF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1051 G-AAHF Hon HCH Bathurst/Filton 21.05.29 Crashed 11.1.30


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1085 G-AAHG DG580 2547M AF Wallace /Stag Lane>The East Midlands Aviation Co Ltd/Sywell >Leamington Warwick & District AC 21.05.29 Impressed 13.1.41
G-AAHH Bristol 105 Bulldog 2 7331 G-AAHH Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton 15.05.29 Wfu 14.6.30 Scrapped Filton .35


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1082 G-AAHI NS Norman/Heston >National Flying Services Ltd>JAF Dalgety/ Hamble >JVC Pearson/Bournemouth 28.05.29 Canc 8.1.47 pts used on G-AAWO restored 9.6.93


Kings Cup 1929

Kings Cup 1930

Avro 594 Avian IV 316 G-AAHJ AV Roe & Co Ltd >ADC Aircraft Ltd 00.05.29 Crashed Fen Ditton 13.6.31


Kings Cup 1931

Avro 594 Avian IV 317 G-AAHK Pinchin Johnson & Co Ltd /Woodford >Cellon Ltd /Heston >A Collinge/ Woodford >A Franklyn /Woodford>EW Hart /Woodford >EA Powrie /Perth>The Strathtay AC Ltd/Perth >Bedford School of Flying Ltd 00.05.29 Crashed .39 and scrapped Canc 1.12.46
G-AAHL Klemm L25 I 144 D-1589 G-AAHL Maj EF Stephen/Croydon>RGJ Nash/ Hanworth >AA Bathurst - Lord Apsley /Heston 00.05.29 Crashed Bristol 27.2.32
G-AAHM Cierva C.19 I 5132 G-AAHM Senor Don Juan de la Cierva/Hamble >ER Bussetti /Hanworth >The Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hanworth 00.05.29 Crashed White City 29.9.32 (c/n in register as 5130- see AAGK)
G-AAHN Avro 594 Avian IV 320 G-AAHN 2079M AP Turner /Paris >Aircraft & Autos Ltd/Croydon >GH Charlton /Chilworth>JE Coxon - ta Chilworth FC >Aylesbury Airport Ltd >RH Henderson /Gravesend >Horton Kirby FC >Moss Bros Aircraft Ltd>HV Armstrong & RH Ridley /Squires Gate 22.05.29 Impressed 20.12.39 scrapped Blackpool .45


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1056 G-AAHO VT-AGZ L Ingram /Heston>JV Carden /Hanworth>CH Miskin/ Hatfield >British Aviation Insurance Co Ltd 24.05.29 Sold India 1.35


Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

Kings Cup 1932

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1067 G-AAHP WL Hope (Air Taxis Ltd) /Stag Lane >Sqdn Ldr J McKelvie /Turnhouse>Hon Brian Lewis >PAR Bremridge /Portsmouth>Henlys Ltd/Heston >DHGT Bentley /Fen Ditton>WJ Alington/Ford 00.05.29 Written off 6.36


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1068 G-AAHR de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >TC Sanders/ Reading >GE Archdale/Hanworth 00.05.29 Crashed Sunbury 1.10.33
G-AAHS DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1011 G-AAHS R-155 LV-OAA de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 31.05.29 Sold Argentina 2.30 Dbf San Fernando 24.11.37
G-AAHT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1089 G-AAHT VT-ABN JE Carberry /Stag Lane>British Aviation Insurance Co Ltd 00.05.29 Sold India 12.29
G-AAHU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1099 G-AAHU BK827 JL Shand /Hamble>RPG Denman /Heston>JL Shand /East Knoyle >Alfred Gay & Son/Derby >GW Hall/Tollerton >EH Chambers/Heston >Edinburgh FC Ltd 27.05.29 Impressed 26.8.40 scrapped St.Athan .41 SOC 1.4.42
G-AAHV Simmonds Spartan 44 G-AAHV Simmonds Aircraft Ltd >Pleasure Flying Services Ltd >Cramlington Aircraft Ltd >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd >London & Provincial Aviation Co /Seaford>CDC Boulton/ Portsmouth 28.05.29 Wfu 16.7.38 Canc 1.12.46
G-AAHW Klemm L25 Ia 152 G-AAHW D-ELFK G-AAHW D- CWG Wood/Croydon >J Scott-Taggart/ Lympne >DR Robertson/ Brooklands >FW Green /Cambridge>W Brown/Lympne >GR Lush 07.06.29 Sold Germany 13.5.83 restored 20.1.97 Sold Germany 2.6.98
G-AAHX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1062 G-AAHX Sir Piers Mostyn /Stag Lane>Col HSJ Streatfield/Stag Lane 00.05.29 Crashed nr Croydon 29.6.30
G-AAHY DH.60M Moth 1362 G-AAHY (CH-480) HB-AFI G-AAHY Gloster Aircraft Co Ltd >AF Hill/Brooklands 00.05.29

Sold Switzerland 7.37 restored 7.3.84

G AAHY OW 2016

Old Warden July 2016

G-AAHZ DH.80 Puss Moth 396 E-1 G-AAHZ de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd/Stag Lane 30.05.29 Prototype. Wfu .31
G-AAIA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1090 G-AAIA X5037 WP Taylor /Hooton>Merseyside Aero & Sports Co Ltd >Air Travel Ltd/Gatwick >Airports Ltd /Gatwick>Aircraft Facilities Ltd /Hooton >Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd 01.06.29 Impressed 12.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AAIB DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1110 G-AAIB Lord Ossulston /Newcastle>Miss NT Trevelyan/Cramlington 00.06.29 Crashed Renfrew 15.5.30
G-AAIC DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1100 G-AAIC PH-AJM PH-CEG Northamptonshire AC >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >Brooklands FC Ltd 00.06.29 Sold Netherlands 4.34


Kings Cup 1930

ABC Robin 1 G-AAID ABC Motors Ltd 06.06.29 Scrapped Brooklands .32
G-AAIE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1094 G-AAIE AW160 Northamptonshire AC >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >RP Opie /Brooklands>Lady A Rodger /Brooklands>Portsmouth AC 04.06.29 Impressed 28.6.40 Undercarriage collapsed landing West Freugh 19.10.42
G-AAIF DH.60M Moth 1363 G-AAIF VT-ADH Leicestershire AC >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd 00.06.29 Sold India 1.32


Kings Cup 1934

Hendy 281 Hobo 1 G-AAIG The Hendy Aircraft Co/Shoreham >Lord P Crichton-Stuart /Feltham 07.06.29 Destroyed by enemy action Lympne 30.8.40
G-AAIH Cierva C.18 18 G-AAIH Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 05.06.29 Sold USA .29
G-AAII Southern Martlet 200 G-AAII EI-ABG Southern Aircraft Ltd > Miss NB Birkett/Shoreham >AR Frogley/Broxbourne >RB Nuthall /Hanworth>AH Tweddle/Hanworth 00.06.29 Sold Ireland 12.35 [c/n originally 2.SH]
G-AAIJ Avro 594 Avian IV 325 G-AAIJ M-CIAA EC-IAA AV Roe & Co Ltd 11.06.29 Sold Spain 6.29
G-AAIK Avro 594 Avian IV 326 G-AAIK M-CAIA EC-AIA AV Roe & Co Ltd 11.06.29 Sold Spain 6.29
G-AAIL Civilian Coupe I 1 G-AAIL EI-AAV Civilian Aircraft Co >TE Richardson/Hedon >MDL Scott - East Lincolnshire Aero Club/Skegness 00.06.29 Sold Ireland 8.33
G-AAIM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1153 G-AAIM Shell Mex Ltd /Croydon>Rollason Aviation Co/Croydon >R Boyd ta Barnstaple & North Devon FC>Lundy & Atlantic Coast Air Lines Ltd 00.06.29 Canc 1.12.46
G-AAIN Parnall Elf II 2 & J.6 G-AAIN George Parnall & Co/Yate >KE Lloyd/Bristol >AA Bathurst (Lord Apsley)/ Yate 11.06.29 Wfu 12.5.50 restored 4.8.80
G-AAIO Parnall Elf II 3 & J.5 G-AAIO George Parnall & Co/Yate >FR Hall/Downhatherby 00.06.29 Crashed and burned Sapperton Glos 13.1.34
G-AAIP Saunders-Roe A.17 Cutty Sark A17/1 G-AAIP SE Saunders Ltd >N Holden /Chichester>SS Kirston & RB Mace /Jersey >Saunders-Roe Ltd (British Amphibious Air Lines Ltd)>Clyde Flying Boats Ltd/Loch Lomond 00.06.29

Scrapped .35

G-AAIP Saro A17 Cutty Sark Norman and Mrs Holden E Hordern 15 Apr 1930

Norman and Mrs Holden, pilot E Hordern

15 Apr 1930


 Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.202 (G-AAJD) G-AAIR Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd >Auto Auctions Ltd /Heston>WR Jones/Heston >JW Gillan/Cranwell >Lord MA Douglas Hamilton /Turnhouse>CE Berens/High Post >RWH Knight/ Lamerton 00.06.29 Crashed Agades Nigeria 17.4.35
G-AAIS Hinkler Ibis 1 G-AAIS Sqdn Ldr HJ Hinkler 11.06.29 Wfu .30 Canc 12.33 Scrapped Lee-on-Solent .59
G-AAIT Boulton Paul P.41 Phoenix II P41/1 G-AAIT Boulton & Paul Ltd 11.06.29 Canc 11.35
G-AAIU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1055 G-AAIU Brooklands School of Flying Ltd>unknown >Scottish FC /Moorpark>EE Marsh/ Castle Bromwich >WPO Evans /Hooton >Lt Col AH Ronan /Croydon>Miss B Day /Hanworth>Brooklands FC >Cotswold AC Ltd 00.06.29 Wfu 2.39 scrapped


Kings Cup 1929

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1104 G-AAIV AW127 EE Marsh? >Malcolm Campbell Ltd>The London Stock Exchange FC>MW Allenby /Wilmington>Eastbourne Flying Club Ltd/Wilmington 00.06.29 Impressed 23.6.40 SOC 30.10.40 scrapped St.Athan .41
G-AAIW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1081 G-AAIW X5030 Malcolm Campbell Ltd>TO Mills /Heston>Miss EI Slade /Heston>AE Jolivet /Heston >Norfolk & Norwich Aero Club Ltd/Norwich 00.06.29 Impressed 15.12.39 Used as decoy and scrapped St.Athan .41
G-AAIX Avro 594 Avian IV 330 G-AAIX AV Roe & Co Ltd>GF Surtees /Norwich >WM Wood & RS Smith & AW Deavin /Hawkwell>FE Buckland/Hawkwell 00.06.29 Scrapped Southend .40
G-AAIY Armstrong Whitworth Wolf AW428 G-AAIY Sir WG Armstrong-Whitworth Aircraft Ltd 14.06.29 Scrapped .31
G-AAIZ Supermarine Seagull III 9605 N9605 G-AAIZ Tour & Travel Association Ltd /Woolston>GW Higgs (Air Transit)/Brooklands 00.06.29 Wfu and burned Brooklands Canc 12.33
G-AAJA DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1106 G-AAJA HS Eaton /Peaslake>Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd /Heston >JED Holder /Hanworth>R Branton /Cambridge >OR Guard /Portmouth >Portsmouth Aero Club 00.06.29 Crashed Gosport 2.5.36
G-AAJB Simmonds Spartan 19 G-AAJB Simmonds Aircraft Ltd 19.06.29 Sold abroad 11.29
G-AAJC Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.207 G-AAJC VP-YAI Blackburn eroplane & Motor Co Ltd >Cobham-Blackburn AL/Bulawayo 18.06.29 Sold Rhodesia 6.32
G-AAJD Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.202 (G-AAJD) G-AAIR Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd 18.06.29 Ntu reg in error for G-AAIR
G-AAJE Blackburn L.1C Bluebird IV SB.203 G-AAJE G-AAOB Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd 18.06.29 Reregd 10.10.29
G-AAJF Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1776 G-AAJF Westland Aircraft Works >Miss CR Leathart/ Cramlington 00.06.29 Crashed Bad Reichenhall Germany 17.5.31
G-AAJG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1130 G-AAJG The Agra Engineering Co Ltd >Plymouth & District AC Ltd 00.06.29 Wfu 12.37
G-AAJH DH.66 Hercules 393 G-AAJH SAAF260 Imperial AW 'City of Basra' /Cairo 19.06.29 Sold South Africa 4.34 Scrapped .43
G-AAJI Westland Wessex IV WA1897 (VP-KAD) (G-AAJI) G-ABAJ P-1 OO-AGC G-ABAJ Wilson AW Ltd/Nairobi Kenya 19.06.29 ntu
G-AAJJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1105 G-AAJJ EI-ABA G-AAJJ BD164 Maj GWG Allen/Woodley >The London Aeroplane Club Ltd/Stag Lane >AS Ferguson/Brooklands >Brooklands Aviation Ltd >Brooklands FC Ltd 00.06.29 Impressed 8.8.40 SOC .44 scrapped Kemble .44
G-AAJK Clarke Cheetah CC1 G-AAJK Fl Off J Clarke >Lord MA Douglas Hamilton /Upavon>AC Thomas/Hendon >RA Hopkinson/Abingdon 00.06.29 Scrapped .37 rebuilt as G-AEYY
G-AAJL DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1054 G-AAJL DG657 4077M GD Shellabear /Brooklands>Scottish FC /Moorpark>Hon Brian Lewis >RE Beanlands/Yeadon >GAM Smith /Heston >Airwork Ltd >The Insurance FC Ltd/Hanworth 28.06.29 Impressed 18.2.41 Scrapped .45
G-AAJM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1091 G-AAJM VT-AFH FS Lee /Haldon>Ethel Doreen Tyzack/ Sywell >GR Whitelaw/Hanworth 00.06.29 Sold India 6.34 (c/n 1001 in ICAN)
G-AAJN DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1049 G-AAJN LF Horne /Stag Lane>Scarborough FC >The Insurance Flying Club Ltd/Hanworth 00.06.29 Crashed nr Brooklands 3.10.36


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1101 G-AAJO ZK-ADT Hon Loel Guiness /Stag Lane>GP Fairbairn /Cambridge >Mrs Venetia Montagu/Heston >SG White/Heston 00.07.29 Sold New Zealand 3.35


Kings Cup 1931

Kings Cup 1932

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1123 G-AAJP W7947 2819M GT Scaramanga /Stag Lane>E Watkins /Stag Lane >Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd >Lt Cmdr G Kidston /Heston >PO J Grierson /Farnborough>Elizabeth Malcolm/Brooklands >JCW Fitzroy Duke of Grafton /Cambridge>LJ Blow/Christchurch >Horton Kirby FC Ltd 04.07.29 Impressed 3.2.40 SOC 20.11.41 scrapped Ternhill
G-AAJR DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1050 G-AAJR Malcolm Campbell Ltd >Hampshire AC 04.07.29 Lost over Bristol Channel 20.9.31


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1139 G-AAJS X5055 2605M The Evening World Northern Newspaper Ltd >Capt IC Maxwell /Heston >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd/Woodley >Newcastle upon Tyne AC Ltd 00.07.29 Impressed 12.1.40
G-AAJT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1084 G-AAJT NC947M G-AAJT Warwick Wright Ltd/Stag Lane 04.07.29

Sold USA 1.40

G AAJT OW 2016

Old Warden July 2016
G-AAJU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1103 G-AAJU Cap GF Boyle/Heston 05.07.29 Destroyed in collision with G-AAKL over Stag Lane 29.7.29
G-AAJV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1108 G-AAJV VP-KAL Malcolm Campbell Ltd >Lt Cdr G Kidston 00.07.29 Sold Kenya 7.31 Reduced to spares 11.32
G-AAJW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1135 G-AAJW X5040 EVS Lacey /Kenley>Babar Nirza /Reading>HG Travers & CH Tutt/Stag Lane >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>LAM Dundas Earl of Ronalshay/ Sherburn >unknown >Yorkshire AC 00.07.29 Impressed 12.11.39 SOC 18.12.40 scrapped Aston Down
G-AAJX DH.60M Moth 1374 G-AAJX National FS/Hanworth 16.07.29 Accident Hyde 14.5.31 Canc 12.31
G-AAJY Short S.11 Valetta S.747 N242 G-AAJY Short Brothers >The Air Council/Rochester 00.07.29 Wfu Martlesham Heath 12.33
G-AAJZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1134 G-AAJZ DG586 2594M Hon Mrs AF Westenra /Haldon>The London Aeroplane Club Ltd/Stag Lane > Redhill FC Ltd 00.07.29 Impressed 25.1.41 Scrapped 6.45
G-AAKA Avro 616 Avian IVM 324 G-AAKA Malayan Motors Ltd >FB Taylor & GW Salt/Kuala Lumpur (based Heston) 29.06.29 Canc 12.32
G-AAKB DH.60M Moth 1365 G-AAKB F-AJOA de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 00.07.29 Sold France 1.30


Kings Cup 1931

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1149 G-AAKC ZS-AKJ SAAF1435 Malcolm Campbell Ltd >Miss F Crossley/Heston >Sir KI Crossley /Gombermere Abbey 00.07.29

Sold South Africa 3.37



G-AAKC DH Moth (Fidelia Crossley)

Fidelia Crossley

G-AAKD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1150 G-AAKD Malcolm Campbell Ltd? >A Methely /Castle Bromwich>CWR Gleason /Castle Bromwich>JB Hall & HH Mould /Castle Bromwich>HH Mould/ Castle Bromwich >E Parry/ Bishops Tachbrook 00.07.29 Sold abroad 11.8.34
G-AAKE DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1151 G-AAKE Malcolm Campbell Ltd >Sqdn Ldr RFS Leslie /Hendon>PE Noble /Heston>LS Levitt/Hooton >Brian Lewis/Heston >F Francis/Gland Vaud Switzerland >Air Travel Ltd /Gatwick >Thanet AC Ltd >The Plymouth & District AC Ltd >Bedford School of Flying Ltd 00.07.29 Wfu 7.39
G-AAKF DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1127 G-AAKF ZK-ABM Malcolm Campbell Ltd 25.07.29 Sold New Zealand 11.29 Force landed in snow nr Wakarara 21.7.35 pilot never found
G-AAKG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1126 G-AAKG LJP Fowler /Stag Lane>Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd/Heston >The Thames Valley Aviation Co Ltd/Woodley 00.07.29 Sold abroad 12.34


Kings Cup 1929

Hawker Hawfinch J8776 J8776 G-AAKH HG Hawker Engineering Co Ltd/Brooklands 24.07.29 Canc 10.29 Scrapped .31


Kings Cup 1930

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1152 G-AAKI AX789 2482M Malcolm Campbell Ltd >R Ince /Heston>HCGH Stisted/ Reading >RL Bowes/Hanworth >Leamington Warwick & District AC Ltd 00.07.29 Impressed 13.7.40
G-AAKJ DH.60X Moth 1162 G-AAKJ Anglo American Oil Co Ltd /Edgeware>National FS >London Air Park Flying Club/Hanworth 00.07.29 Crashed Southall 18.10.35
G-AAKK DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1093 G-AAKK (ZK-ACK) ZK-AKK Brooklands School of Flying Ltd (lsd Francis Chichester) 23.07.29 Sold New Zealand 12.30 Hit wires across river Katsuura Japan 14.8.31
G-AAKL DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1129 G-AAKL de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd 23.07.29 Destroyed in collision with G-AAJU on test flight Stag Lane 29.7.29 two killed
G-AAKM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1142 G-AAKM EI-ABB G-AAKM VT-APU MA953 VT-APU? de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Cinque Ports Flying Club Ltd/Lympne >Eastern Air Transport Ltd>London Air Park FC Ltd >Sir CA Wrench/Hanworth 00.07.29 Sold Ireland 11.34 restored 14.7.37 Sold India 4.41
G-AAKN DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1136 G-AAKN Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd>FE Clifford /Reading> Brian Lewis /Heston >CH Rose/ Portsmouth >Airwork Ltd >Portsmouth AC Ltd 27.07.29 Crashed Langstone Harbour 15.10.36
G-AAKO DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1045 G-AAKO X5035 2915M GA Stedall /Croydon>G Morgan Harris /Stag Lane >Flt Lt C Clarkson /Heston >Kent Aircraft Services Ltd >RC Ramsay /Bekesbourne >EW Walford/Coventry >Witney & Oxford AC Ltd 26.07.29 Impressed 4.11.39 to 297Sqn ATC Castleford
G-AAKP DH.60M Moth 1394 G-AAKP AW148 3759M National FS/Hanworth >HO Wrigley /Heston>Cinque Ports Flying Club Ltd/Lympne 30.07.29 Impressed 24.6.40 to ATC
G-AAKR DH.60M Moth 1395 G-AAKR National FS/Hanworth >Capt the Hon D Finch-Hatton /Stag Lane >NB Cohen/Lympne 30.07.29 Crashed after wing lost in dive Lympne 18.9.31
G-AAKS DH.60M Moth 1396 G-AAKS National FS/Hanworth 30.07.29 Crashed Hessenthal-am-Main Germany 24.3.30
G-AAKT Avro 621 Tutor 321 G-AAKT K2893? AV Roe & Co Ltd/Woodford 26.07.29 Sold RAF .30
G-AAKU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1092 G-AAKU X5047 Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>FA White /Hanworth >The Hon Ivor Guest/ Hatfield> University AC Ltd/Cambridge>Horton Kirby FC Ltd 00.07.29 Impressed 15.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped .41
G-AAKV DH.60M Moth 1369 G-AAKV VT-AEX de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd>N Holder /Hanworth>JG Kirby/ Bristol >N Edgar/Bristol 00.08.29 Sold India 1.34
G-AAKW DH.60M Moth 1380 G-AAKW D-EKIV? G-AAKW (CH-478) HB-AFU W Adamson /Letchworth >Airwork Ltd/Heston 00.08.29 Sold Germany 3.35 restored 14.2.36 Sold Switzerland 4.37 Crashed Biel 1.8.38
G-AAKX DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1154 G-AAKX Grp Capt JEA Baldwin /Wittering>H Gooding /Gravesend >Gravesend Aviation Ltd 00.08.29 Lost over Thames Estuary 1.6.33
G-AAKY Cierva C.19 II (Avro 620) 5133 G-AAKY NC311V Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 09.08.29 Sold USA 12.29
G-AAKZ Cierva C.19 II (Avro 620) 5134 G-AAKZ Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 09.08.29 Written off Sherburn 31.5.31
G-AALA Cierva C.19 II (Avro 620) >C.19 III 5135 G-AALA Cierva Autogiro Co Ltd/Hamble 09.08.29

Written off 5.32

G-AALA Cierva C19

G-AALB Westland Widgeon IIIa WA1783 G-AALB CF-AIQ WJ McDonaugh /New York USA 09.08.29 Sold Canada 5.30 (c/n WA.1765 in ICAN)
G-AALC Fokker-Grulich F.III 1558 D-526 T-DOFF OY-DUC G-AALC British Air Lines Ltd/Croydon 17.08.29 Crashed into house Croydon 10.9.29
G-AALD DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1137 G-AALD VP-KAG Kenya AAU as K23 Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd 16.08.29 Sold Kenya 1.30 Crashed 24.6.42


Kings Cup 1931

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1140 G-AALE FG Francis /Heston>GN Wilson /Heston >Brian Lewis/Heston >HMT Tod/Renfrew 00.08.29 Sold abroad 7.35 restored 9.35 Canc 12.46
G-AALF DH.60M Moth 1402 G-AALF OY-DEG AH Youngman /Heston>unknown >JD Turner/Heston 00.08.29 Sold Denmark 11.31 Crashed Sondeborg 2.10.32
G-AALG DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1411 G-AALG HA-AAB? G-AALG X5104 2607M Sqdn Ldr DS Don (for HRH The Prince of Wales) /Northolt> Flt Lt EH Fielden /Hendon >Jean Gardner Batten & Victor Hugo Doree/Stag Lane >Newcastle upon Tyne AC 00.08.29 Jean Batten UK to New Zealand flight 4.33 Sold abroad 12.33 restored 1.35 Impressed 10.1.40 Scrapped Belfast 25.8.42
G-AALH Blackburn Lincock II 2050/1 G-AALH Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd >Sir Alan J Cobham/ Ford >National Aviation Day Displays Ltd 22.08.29

Wfu 3.35 scrapped Ford

G-AALH Blackburn Lincock with Cobham's Flying Circus

'Cobham's Flying Circus' Ferry and caravan in background

G-AALI Koolhoven FK.41 4103 G-AALI VH-ULX Desoutter Aircraft Co Ltd/Croydon 28.08.29 Sold Australia 10.30
G-AALJ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1087 G-AALJ de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >Maj AA Nathan /Stag Lane>JH Pickup/Hamble >CSC Brudenell-Bruce (Earl of Cardigan)/Reading >GSD Aberfoyle /Castle Bromwich >Malling Aviation Ltd 00.08.29 Seaplane. Crashed nr West Malling 8.12.34


Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1931

DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1174 G-AALK Rt Hon FE Guest /Hanworth>Household Brigade FC Ltd /Heston >Wrightson Air Hire Ltd /Heston>AE Dobell/ Brooklands 00.08.29 Crashed Shackend Railway Stn nr Hawick 3.4.37


Kings Cup 1930

Kings Cup 1932

Hawker Tomtit 2000/9 G-AALL HG Hawker Engineering Co Ltd>Rt Hon FE Guest /Hanworth>Miss D Guest /Hanworth >Sqdn Ldr Rt Hon FE Guest /London Air Park>Major CLY Parker/Brooklands >Malling Aviation Ltd 00.08.29 Scrapped .37 [c/n also 41/H/26478]
G-AALM DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1160 G-AALM Malcolm Campbell Ltd>CP Parkerson/Auckland NZ 00.08.29 Crashed en route Australia nr Poix France 21.4.30
G-AALN DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1047 G-AALN F-AJJV G-AALN X5041 C Hammersley /Heston>de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd>MR Alderson /Hanworth>Alexander Henshaw/ Skegness >Scarborough AC Ltd >Yorkshire Airways Ltd /Yeadon>The Yorkshire AC Ltd 00.08.29 Impressed 12.11.39 used as decoy and scrapped
G-AALO Bristol 89A Jupiter 7351 G-AALO Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd/Filton 29.08.29 Written off 8.35
G-AALP Surrey Flying Services AL1 AL1 G-AALP FJ Grant >Surrey Flying Services Ltd >B Arden /Exeter 29.08.29 Canc 1.12.46 Stored Exeter .73
G-AALR DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1159 G-AALR PP-TAD Hon FDH Lea-Smith /Brooklands>Aircraft Operating Co Ltd /Rio de Janeiro 00.09.29 Sold Brasil 12.31
G-AALS DH.60M Moth 1409 G-AALS VP-NAA JT Briggs /Brooklands>GM Christian/Brooklands >FRG Spikens /Hanworth >MW Bartlett/Brooklands 00.09.29 Sold abroad 10.34
G-AALT DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1184 G-AALT de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd >TH Dastur/Brooklands >Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd>L Weston - Cotswold Aero Club/Gloucester 06.09.29 Wfu .36 Canc 31.12.38
G-AALU DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1178 G-AALU Rt Hon FE Guest/Hanworth 06.09.29 Crashed Witley 10.3.30 Canc 9.32
G-AALV DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1179 G-AALV X5032 Malcolm Campbell Ltd >AH Downes-Shaw /Bristol>Sub Lt AWN Dayroll /Portsmouth>Bournemouth Airport Ltd/Christchurch 00.09.29 Impressed 11.11.39 Used as decoy and scrapped
G-AALW DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1180 G-AALW X5027 4029M Malcolm Campbell Ltd >Brooklands School of Flying Ltd>Hamar Bagnall /Heston >GB Horne /Sevenoaks>RC Presland /Stag Lane >HR Presland >University AC Ltd/Cambridge 00.09.29 Impressed 3.11.39
G-AALX DH.60M Moth 1410 G-AALX Airwork Ltd/Heston >PH Meadway /West Malling >JL Burgess/Maidstone >Maidstone Airport Ltd >Count Johnston Road /Maidstone >Brooklands FC 00.09.29 Crashed off Shoreham harbour 24.9.37
G-AALY DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1175 G-AALY F-AJKM G-AALY Thorn Motors Ltd/Stag Lane 09.09.29 Sold France 30.11.29
G-AALZ DH.60G Gipsy Moth 1177 G-AALZ TG Mapplebeck/Belgrade 06.09.29 Written off 12.31
G-AAMA Simmonds Spartan 17 G-AAMA National FS/Hanworth 29.05.29 Wfu 12.32
G-AAMB Simmonds Spartan 21 G-AAMB National FS/Hanworth >Alexander Duckham & Co Ltd/Hanworth >J Parker /Castle Bromwich >Capt EME Coghlan /High Post >The Wiltshire School of Flying & Country Club Ltd >RF Parkinson /Broxbourne>FS Davies & SA Kew/Maylands 29.05.29 Ditched off Southend 26.2.39 (but file notes accident 13.9.44)


Kings Cup 1929

Simmonds Spartan 20 G-AAMC National FS/Hanworth 29.05.29 Crashed Hanworth 28.7.29
G-AAMD Simmonds Spartan 24 (G-AAMD) G-ABHH SE-ADB National FS/Hanworth 19.07.29 Ntu - registered as G-ABHH
G-AAME Simmonds Spartan 26 G-AAME G-AAML National FS/Hanworth 19.07.29 Crashed 6.30 rebuilt as G-AAML
G-AAMF Simmonds Spartan 33 G-AAMF National FS/Hanworth 19.07.29 Crashed into trees Weston 28.7.29


Kings Cup 1930

Simmonds Spartan 34 G-AAMG National FS/Hanworth >Simmonds Aircraft Ltd 19.07.29 Crashed nr Ratcliffe 19.6.30
G-AAMH Simmonds Spartan 22 G-AAMH National FS/Hanworth >TP Gleave/Tangmere 19.07.29 Crashed 12m from Kutabya Turkey 19.10.33
G-AAMI Simmonds Spartan 35 G-AAMI N-43 LN-ABG National FS/Hanworth 02.08.29 Sold Norway 4.30
G-AAMJ Simmonds Spartan 36 G-AAMJ National FS/Hanworth 02.08.29 Not delivered - Canc 12.30
G-AAMK Simmonds Spartan 37 G-AAMK National FS/Hanworth 02.08.29 Not delivered - Canc 12.30


Kings Cup 1931

Simmonds Spartan 38 G-AAML National FS/Southampton >Lt CRV Pugh/Hanworth 02.08.29 Collided with hangar Hanworth 6.31
G-AAMM DH.60X Moth 1228 G-AAMM National FS/Hanworth >General Aircraft Ltd/Hanworth >HBD Wooley/Witney 00.03.30 Crashed Woodley 4.7.32 rebuilt. Destroyed by arson Witney 27.10.36
G-AAMN DH.60X Moth 1229 G-AAMN National FS/Hanworth 26.03.30 Wfu 23.4.32 Canc 12.33
G-AAMO DH.60X Moth 1281 G-AAMO National FS/Hanworth 02.07.30 Crashed Port Meadow 4.9.32
G-AAMP DH.60X Moth 1279 G-AAMP National FS/Hanworth >WS Stephenson/Hanworth >WH Moss/Chorley 00.07.30 Scrapped nr Brough .52
G-AAMR DH.60X Moth 1280 G-AAMR National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd >Romford FC Ltd/Maylands 00.07.30 Dbf Maylands 6.2.40
G-AAMS DH.60X Moth 1285 G-AAMS X5018 National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Hull Aero Club (1934) Ltd >Airwork Flying Club Ltd/Heston 00.07.30 Impressed 11.11.39 Destroyed
G-AAMT DH.60X Moth 1809 G-AAMT National FS/Hanworth (op by Nottingham AC) 16.09.30 Crashed Cotgrove 9.11.30
G-AAMU DH.60X Moth 1826 G-AAMU National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >Brooklands Aviation Ltd>Cinque Ports FC Ltd>Bedford School of Flying Ltd 00.09.30 Wfu 19.3.48 scrapped
G-AAMV DH.60X Moth 1828 G-AAMV BK844 National FS/Hanworth >Hon WF Forbes-Sempill (The Master of Sempill)/Hanworth >KF Mayer/Brooklands >Ganton FC Ltd/East Heslerton 00.09.30 Impressed 10.9.40 Reduced to spares Witney 8.3.43
G-AAMW DH.60X Moth 1831 G-AAMW National FS/Hanworth >Hull AC Ltd>British Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd/Hanworth >FRG Spikins /Hanworth>JD Randall /London Air Park >Bedford School of Flying Ltd 00.09.30 Wfu 2.40
G-AAMX DH.60X Moth   (G-AAMX) National FS/Hanworth   Reservation only -ntu
G-AAMY DH.60X Moth   (G-AAMY) National FS/Hanworth   Reservation only -ntu
G-AAMZ DH.60X Moth   (G-AAMZ) National FS/Hanworth   Reservation only -ntu
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